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How Low-Code Platforms Are Transforming Application Development - Krysp

Introduction: Purpose Of Low-Code Development Platforms

Low-code development platforms help enterprises build digital products faster and with fewer resources, using well-tested software components to reduce software development lifecycle time. With low-code development, building a business application or an internal tool is considerably faster and easier. Ever-evolving business application needs have compelled enterprises to re-assess and re-establish their business operations to evaluate and build new user features.

The very purpose of low-code development platforms is to give developers and businesses the ability to be prolific with their applications. They can now build newer features and integrations by investing less time, resources, and money.

The Surging Demand For Low-Code App Development

The research giant Gartner estimates that a total of 65% of all app development functions will be built using low-code by the year 2024. Moreover, 66% of the big companies will be using at least four low-code platforms to accelerate their development efforts.

Experts believe that the growing demand for integration, implementation, and consulting services is the reason low-code platforms have seen this surge in demand.

Organizations are preferring to use low code platforms over traditional software development methods using coding for the following reasons:

  • faster time to market

  • easier up skilling of internal teams

  • lower maintenance costs

  • rapid continuous improvement cycles

  • multi-mode delivery

Benefits Of Low-Code Platforms

There are many benefits of low code development as it enhances the manual dexterity of an organization while decreasing the complexity of the application development process.

Following are some of the benefits of Low-Code Platforms:

With a low-code platform, enterprises can build reusable applications that provide a device-agnostic user experience. It boosts the collaboration between the different teams, directly impacting the productivity of the organization. In a digital enterprise, low-code applications can act as the much-needed unifying fabric across the enterprise.

  • Improving Development Velocity For Increased Performance

There’s only one way to improve business performance through software development - empowering the developers with an environment to innovate and streamline the business processes. Using this “Developer Velocity”, enterprises can completely utilize the full potential of the development team.

Whether it’s a citizen developer or an advanced user, low-code platforms can be extremely useful due to their simple implementation. It can be used to build POCs or even scalable solutions at a quicker go-to-market time.

  • Enhancing Applications With Customization

With a low-code development platform, the need for any external, third-party vendor for making adjustments or improvements in the application is eliminated. This cuts down the execution time of implementing a change to minutes from what could have been weeks.

  • Allowing A Cost-effective Integration

As legacy systems go outdated, the original personnel who installed it are no longer a part of the time which means integration workarounds would take longer since the new teams need to understand the legacy systems and work around them. With a low-code platform, upgrades become more cost-efficient as there are no underlying costs involved.

  • Enabling Less Governance And Release Management

Advanced low-code platforms offer feature sets that include quality/performance governance as well as release management reducing the cost to concentrate more on business-critical functions.

In addition to these benefits, a low code platform can potentially make API integration much simpler for citizen developers. Since each API is unique and requires some effort while going through the documentation, understanding its details, and integrating the APIs followed by tests.

With a low-code platform like Kyrysp, that reduces the hurdles in API integration, more of the novice problem-solvers who don’t understand coding can stitch together utilities or APIs to create advanced internal applications for streamlined business processes.

Making APIs more inclusive for citizen developers will help in boosting the API ecosystem allowing many people from diverse backgrounds and expert areas to solve problems and be a catalyst for positive change.

Test The Waters: Explore Krysp Playground, many ways to build faster

Krysp playground is a full-featured Node-Red environment with pre-built flows that demonstrate the convenience of use and options to build and deploy applications rapidly - with less or no code.

If your plans include building internal tools but do not have enough resources or budget, head over to the Krysp Playground. See how Krysp can help you build with fewer development resources and focus more on your business-critical applications. It's a win-win.

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