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Next Leap in Enterprise Development

Our goal is to reduce the time spent by developers and increase efficiency while building and monitoring applications using Krysp low-code environment.

Krysp Platform enables faster development of apps and integrations for businesses. In today’s world, the customers are interacting with multiple services and so do the businesses. If you’ve ever wanted to send an email confirmation once the customer’s data is updated in your Salesforce system, or send a thank you SMS when your customer orders from your e-commerce site, or switch on/off an IoT device in your industrial plant, Krysp can be the perfect platform for you to create those solutions.


Our platform provides pre-built custom templates that help individuals and businesses integrate or develop apps with almost any data source - like AWS, GCP, Salesforce, Twilio, Service Now, and more. The templates also give businesses the ability to quickly create services using our visual editor and deploy them on the cloud, which can be reused across the organization. It also means leaders in the organization can also now build services as per their needs, without any programming knowledge, spend less time in development and save cost.


Started in 2020, Krysp is actively involved in building more custom templates for you and your organization. We are a passionate team ​on a mission to create a next-generation platform that helps increase the team's productivity.

We are a geographically distributed team.

Our Main Office : 


99 S. Almaden Blvd

Suite 600
San Jose, California 95113

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