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by seemlessly integrating data and services with low-code visual development platform.


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Templates, Publishing new REST API
  • Why should I use Krysp? What other platforms are available?
    Few points to compare: Other platforms are built for a specific domain and often for a specific use-case. Krysp is a generic platform that fits into many enterprise use cases. Krysp is built on mature open source tool(Node-RED) and the most popular javascript programming language. Krysp is immensely extensible and unlike other platforms the learning curve is short. Finally, Krysp is priced very competitively compared to other similar platforms.
  • How do I learn more?
    Resources: Website : Quick Start Templates : Blogs and Articles : Community : For further information, reach us at
  • What is next for Krysp(roadmap)?
    Krysp has an exciting roadmap focused on help enterprise teams build digital experiences faster: API Management Microservices Orchestration & Tracing Embedded Collaboration Issue & Task Management
  • What enterprise use-cases can Krysp be used to develop?
    Krysp can be used to build following use-cases. Application Integration Data Integration B2B Integration
  • What ready-to-use components are available on Krysp?
    Following components help in building various use cases. Business Logic Components Data Mapping & Transformation Application & Data Connectors File Transfer/Movement Asynchronous Event Processing Cloud Connectors
  • What are key capabilities?
    Krysp provides following capabilities out-of-the-box, all with low-code and a drag-and-drop visual interface. ✓ Develop and Publish APIs ✓ Event Processing ✓ Scheduled Tasks ✓ Access any datastore ✓ Batch Processes ✓ Connect to any application cloud
  • How to start with Krysp, easily?
    Pick a template from our catalog of Ready-to-Deploy templates to get started quickly. Build your business logic, application rules and workflows with an all too familiar drag-and-drop flow charting like visual interface. Test & Deploy applications rapidly with a single click.
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